Content and goal


In this lab a simple sensor network is built using an external accelerometer sensor and internal sensors of modern smartphones. Goal is to determine the physical activity, e.g. "walking", "running", "jumping", "cycling", based on accelerometer data. The algorithms are developed within Matlab/Simulink and used through automatic code generation for Android. Additionally a graphical user interface (GUI) has to be implemented in Java.


+ Hands-on experience in team-work (cooperation, project-/time planning, etc.)
+ Java-based programming of modern smartphones (Android)
+ High-Level programming and automatic code generation with Matlab/Simulink
+ Algorithms for physical activity recognition

Previous knowledge

Basic programming skills and signal analysis, Matlab/Simulink and Java preferred

General Information


  • Master course
  • Language: English
  • Max. Participants: 12
  • Learn methods: Team work, project lab


  • Registration for Wintersemester 2017/2018 on TUMOnline: 11.09.17, 16:00 to 12.10.16, 23:59
  • The allocation of the participation places does not follow First-Come-First-Serve any more, but follows this method


  • Introduction (obligatory): 26.10.2017, 13:15-14:45, Room 4959
  • Time:
    • Introduction and question hours: Thursdays, 13:15-17:15
    • Access to lab computers for independent work: Thursdays the whole day
  • Room: Room 4959 (Computer Galery on 4. Floor)


  • Exam
    • Presentation + Demo
    • Oral exam


Dipl. -Ing. Licong Zhang