Low Power Systems Design

This course covers low-power design methodologies in modern computing systems. Power consumption has been the bottleneck in a wide range of electronic systems from high-performance computing systems to hand-held devices. This course discusses source of power consumption, modeling and estimation power consumption, and low-power techniques at various abstraction levels. Latter part of the course will be seminar-style lectures and activities organized in groups.


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* Initial slides are available on Moodle, additional slides will be uploaded throughout the semster

Administrative Information


  • This is a master-level course that covers low-power system design. It requires some knowledge of microelectronic circuits and computer architecture.
  • The final exam at the end of the course will be a closed-book exam covering the lecture contents as well as student presentations.

Course Materials

  • Lecture slides for WS 18/19 are being uploaded in Moodle