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Diploma-, Master-, Bachelor- and Study theses, IDP Internships and Jobs

In the focus of our research topics we offer all kinds of thesis-types, namely Diploma theses, Master theses, Study theses and Bachelor's theses. Additionally internships, part-time jobs and interdisciplinary projects (IDP) are offered, but only to students already enrolled at the TUM.

Diploma- and Mastertheses should cover a period of 6 month Bachelor- and Study-Theses can be executed in 3 month full-time or 6 month part-time work.

If you are interested in an offer that does not match the desired type of thesis do not hesitate to contact the indicated supervisor to ask for topic-modifications.

If you cannot find a suitable topic among the current offers please do not hesitate to visit our research page If you detect a field of interest, please feel free to ask the appropriate project leader about possible topics for a theses.

Further general information on theses can also be obtained from Nils Heitmann.



Battery Health Aware Design and Management of Mobile Devices

Bachelor's Thesis / Master's Thesis / Research Internship / IDP

JavaME VM on ARM Cortex M4 MCU
Research internship

Embedded Systems for Electric Vehicles

Write your Master thesis at TUM CREATE in Singapore in the field of Embedded Systems for Electric Vehicles. Topics are covering: Control Design, Distributed Systems,  Automotive Networks, Embedded Battery Management. See also our Video