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Wireless Systems
Modular Airborne Real-Time Testbed
Driver Assistance Systems
Power Management for Game Applications
Hearing Diagnostics
Indoor Navigation - Beyond the Entrance
Cross-Layer Dependability in Embedded Systems - From Tasks to Transistors
Real-Time Scheduling and Virtualization Techniques
Control/Communication Co-design

Our research and teaching activities encompass all aspects of real-time and embedded systems design. Our goal is to develop techniques and tools that would aid system designers to effectively design, debug and program real-time embedded systems.


For certificates or general requests, please contact our secretary Mrs. Irene Dippold, Building 0509, room 3938 (RoomFinder).

Theses & Internships

Offered theses and internships are listed on this page. For job offers see here. For further information, please contact Nils Heitmann.