BMBF "HE2mT" project started


In May started officially the project “High-level design methods for energy optimized, mobile telemedicine systems (HE2mT)”, which is funded with 2.1M€ by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The project will be developed by the consortium conformed by the software companies Fertl, C&S, ReliaTec, and the research counterparts Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and the Institute for Real-Time Computer Systems.

The project is focused on telemedicine systems and its objective is to improve characteristics like cost sensitivity, functionality and new component’s integration, which are closely related to the spreading and adoption of these technologies by users and health institutions.

For this reason, the project will be based on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as end devices, which are widely spread and also permit an intuitive interaction with people.

Additionally, the project considers the development of a flexible system solution for the rapid construction of telemonitoring systems through electronic kits and design methods that would make the integration of new components easier.

An important outcome of this project will be the implementation of energy-efficient methods to process and transmit telemonitoring data, which will be result of the research work at RCS.

For more information, visit the HE2mT webpage here.