Best Paper Award at ICCD 2017


We are happy to announce that our paper "Estimating the Limits of CPU Power Management for Mobile Games" has received the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD) 2017.

Games are one of the most popular and at the same time most computation intensive and energy consuming class of applications on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This is the first work that shows how much CPU power can potentially be saved in modern gaming applications applying sophisticated power management strategies. We reveal a significant gap between savings obtained from recently proposed game power managers and the theoretically optimum savings (up to 54.4% energy savings are possible). Our work strongly motivates future research endeavors to minimize the gap between the optimum and the existing power managers.

The paper will be presented at ICCD in Boston by our chair member Sangyoung Park.

If you are interested in more details on the topic, please see here.