Codes & Programs

If you came here, you obviously were looking for some academic piles of code. you go:

  • StratoX Weather Glider: Flight stack for an unmanned fixed-wing drone which is supposed to record weather data in high altitudes.
  • gnatprove_unitstats: A script aggregating data from GNATprove verification runs on SPARK2014 programs, and presenting verification statistics (e.g., success, coverage, failure by VC type) in human- or machine readable format.
  • WCET Benchmarks: C codes from Mälardalen WCET benchmarks, adapted for WCET analysis using Bounded Model Checking (annotated at source level with instruction timing for Atmega processors)
    • for paper see LCTES 2016 proceedings: "TIC: a scalable model checking based approach to WCET estimation"
    • collaboration with Tata Research Development and Design Centre, Pune
    • code at
  • MavLogAnalyzer: GUI to parse, display, filter, export and store flight logs of MavLink, APM:Pilot, Pixhawk etc.
  • libcontainers: C library that composes software components using signals and events, in the form a declaration-flavored C library