Martin Becker's Personal Page

This page collects useful information for myself, my students and interested colleagues or friends.

Tips and Tricks

  • Guidelines for Writing C Code (updated in June 2014): a very basic set of rules, that help to write "better" code; more readable, less error-prone. [download PDF]
  • Ada/SPARK 2014 Mini Cheat Sheet for language newbies. Only the bare essentials, no advanced stuff. [download PDF]


  • Peer Communication for the Pololu 3pi robot in C and Esterel: Our customized version of the Pololu 3pi robot features a Bluetooth transceiver. This is about how to use it from Esterel. [download PDF]

Code Projects

On the side I am developing several tiny programs that are handy in everyday life. The following projects are hosted on my GitHub repo:

  • MavLogAnalyzer: A tool to visualize flight logs from multicopters and other MAVs. This GUI can parse MavLink logs, Pixhawk onboard logs and APM onboard logs, and shows them unified in a nice GUI with graph, quick statistics and markers. Data can then be exported to CSV or stored and queried from a database. We use it to perform post-flight analysis for MART.
  • bibloader: Perl script that automatically archives PDFs that are opened in Firefox and are matching an entry in a given BibTex file. I read a lot of documents, which I log into a BibTex file. This script "downloads" the PDFs of such documents to my computer, such that I always have a backup in case the document disappears in its electronic form.
  • ox-mm: MoinMoin-Exporter for Emacs org-mode 8.0+. I do a lot in Emacs' org-mode. There is always the point in time, when someone else might need information which I have already captured and structured there, but chances are high that this person is not using org-mode. This Lisp-packge allows to export my org-mode trees to MoinMoin Wiki format.