Martin Geier

TU München, RCS
Arcisstraße 21
D-80290 München

Phone: +49 (89) 289-23553
Fax: +49 (89) 289-23555


Room 3948


Martin Geier received his Diplom (equivalent to Master's degree) in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the TUM in 2009. He then joined the Institute for Real-Time Computer Systems as a research associate.


His research interests are in the fields of

  • programmable logic,
  • bus architectures,
  • networking and
  • design synthesis.

Detailed information can be found on the DHEARTS and HRTVSS project pages.

Theses & Projects

The following theses and projects are currently under way or have already been completed:

System Design for a Magnetic Levitating Ball
Research Internship / Forschungspraxis


HW/SW Interface Design for an Inverted Pendulum

Bachelor's Thesis / Studienarbeit


Control on FPGAs

Bachelor's Thesis / Studienarbeit

If you are looking for available topics, please refer to our theses page.

Recent Publications