Camera Selection and Interface Design for the MART-i quadcopter

Research Internship / Forschungspraxis

Status: Assigned
By arrangement


The MART-i quadcopter

Many of today's Embedded Systems (e.g., mobile phones, control systems and security equipment) utilize cameras to extend their perception of the physical environment. With the ongoing increase in frame resolution, pixel depth and frame rates, the resulting video stream reaches data rates beyond one Gbps. This poses continuous challenges for both the communication and computation subsystems of Embedded Systems.
To investigate these challenges, a test setup based on an FPGA platform and an off-the-shelf camera is being developed. The resulting camera system will then be integrated onto the MART-i quadcopter used at the RCS.


Camera used during Test Flights

The goal of this thesis is twofold:
First, the requirements for the camera itself have to be identified (e.g., weight, robustness, power consumption, interfaces, quality, cost, ...). Based thereon, suitable cameras have to be identified, evaluated and tested.
Secondly, the selected camera has to be linked to the quadcopter's Payload Computer, a MicroZed system-on-module board. This, of course, will heavily depend on the video interface of the chosen camera.
Finally, a small test application shall be developed to test the complete system.

Work Packages

  • Familiarization with the MART-i quadcopter and the FPGA platform
  • Selection of evaluation criteria for camera and camera interfaces
  • Evaluation of multiple suitable cameras
  • Design and Implementation of the interface between camera and Payload Computer
  • Development of a test application (e.g., video recording)

Required Skills

  • Profound Knowledge of C
  • Experience in embedded programming, FPGA design flows and hardware development
  • Basic knowledge of Image Processing and video interfaces (such as HDMI and SDI) is helpful, but not necessarily needed
  • Diligent, independent and well-organized work performance


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