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Philipp Kindt

TU München, RCS
Arcisstraße 21
80290 München

Phone: +49-89-289-23557
Fax: +49-89-289-23555
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Office: Room 3944 (link to roomfinder)
Consultation hours:
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Research Interests

  • Low Power Wireless
  • Low Power Embedded Systems
  • Low Power Microprocessors and MCUs
  • Ultra Low Power Design

Recent Publications

-> My publications at DBLP


Invited Talks

"Saving Power in Wireless Personal Area Networks", The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 27. April 2015

Supervised Student Research Projects / DA / BA / MA

  • David Ginthör: Energy-Optimized Opportunistic Communication in Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks, Bachelor's Thesis, April 2016
  • Marco Saur: Development of Custom BLE stacks,
    Research Internship, November 2015
  • Jonathan Klimt: Power efficient design of online fall detection Algorithms
    Bachelor's Thesis, July 2015
  • David Seegerer: Load management via multi agent system in JAVA, Research Internship conducted at Siemens, May 2015
  • Matthias Pritschet: Concept and realization of a flexibly configurable firmware for potentiostat-based measurements of biochemical parameters. Bachelor's Thesis, in collaboration with Dr. Robert Diemer (Deep Innovation GmbH), April 2015
  • Christoph Körner: Entwicklung einer Android-basierten Applikation zur drahtlosen Echtzeitübertragung von On-Board-Diagnose - Parametern, Research Internship, in collaboration with Dr. Robert Diemer (Deep Innovation GmbH), April 2015
  • Gautham Nayak Seetanadi: Micro-architectural Techniquesfor Power Management, Master's Thesis, in collaboration with W. Ecker, Infineon Technologies, March 2015
  • Michael Gnädig: Development of a Wireless Sensor Device and Data
    Evaluation with Learning Algorithms, Master's Thesis, March 2015
  • Gerhard Reinerth: Detektion von Handtremor in Beschleunigungsdaten, Bachelor's Thesis, March 2015
  • Faiza Waheed:  Power Optimized Embedded CPUs, Master's Thesis, in collaboration with W. Ecker, Infineon Technologies, November 2014
  • Shrestha Mridul: September 2014, Master's Thesis (in collaboration with BMW research)
  • Jochen Vogl: Simulating Collision of Bluetooth Low Energy Link Layer Packets
    Master's Thesis, June 2014
  • Nils Heitmann: Localization Algorithms for Bluetooth Low Energy
    Master's Thesis, May 2014
  • Jing Han: Exploiting periodic motion in wireless sensor networks
    Master's Thesis, April 2014
  • Benedikt Backs: Power Aware Generation of an embedded CPU
    Master's Thesis, April 2014, in collaboration with W. Ecker, Infineon Technologies
  • Kilian Zinnecker: Positioning Algorithms for High Frequency Signals
    Bachelor's Thesis, March 2014
  • Nadja Peters: How much Real-Time is enough:
    Comparison and Quantification of two Real-Time Operating Systems
    Master's Thesis, Oct 2013, in collaboration with Siemens Corporate Research
  • Mathias Gopp: Serial Cable Replacement via Bluetooth Low Energy
    Bachelor's Thesis, Jul. 2013
  • Lukas Heim: SW-Development for an ECG Framework
    Engineering Practice, March 2013
  • Kee Leek Heng: Vision-Based Ball Sorting System
    Bachelor's Thesis, Jan. 2013

Software Projects

National and International Research Projects

HE2mT - High-Level Development Methods for Energy-Saving, Mobile Telemonitoring Systems”, a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany (BMBF)