Nadja Peters

TU München, RCS
Arcisstraße 21
D-80290 München

Phone: +49-89-289-23590
Fax: +49-89-289-23555


Office: Room 3948 (link to roomfinder)

Consultation hour: by arrangement



  • (Real-Time) Operating Systems
  • Power management in mobile devices
  • Android OS, especially browser and game power management


  • Nadja Peters, Sangyoung Park, Daniel Clifford, Sami Kyostila, Ross McIlroy, Benedikt Meurer, Hannes Payer, Samarjit Chakraborty, "API for Power-Aware Application Design on Mobile Systems", MobileSoft 2018 (to appear).
  • Benedikt Dietrich, Nadja Peters, Sangyoung Park, Samarjit Chakraborty, “Estimating the Limits of CPU Power Management for Mobile Games”, ICCD 2017.
  • Nadja Peters, Sangyoung Park, Dominik Füß, Samarjit Chakraborty, “Frame-based and Thread-based Power Management for Mobile Games on HMP Platforms”, ICCD 2016.
  • Nadja Peters, Sangyoung Park, Samarjit Chakraborty, Hannes Payer, Benedikt Meurer, Daniel Clifford, “Web Browser Workload Characterization for Power Management on HMP Platforms”, CODES+ISSS 2016.
  • Philipp Kindt, Jing Han, Nadja Peters, "ExPerio - Exploiting Periodicity for Opportunistic Energy-Efficient Data Transmission", INFOCOM 2015.


Open Positions for Student Theses, Internships and Projects

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of an application-aware CPU governor for Android for different applications (MA thesis)
  • Model-based investigation of the potentials of CPU and GPU power management for games on Android (MA thesis)
  • Execution and evaluation of a user study on browser scrolling strategies (BA thesis, IDP, FP)
  • Development of a statistical power consumption model for game power consumption on Android (BA thesis, FP, IDP)

Feel free to approach me for further information (also about completed or on-going projects)!

Completed and on-going Theses, Internships and Projects

  • Verification of an application-aware kernel governor API (Master Thesis)
  • Investigation of Influence of Ad-Blocking on Web Browser Power Consumption (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Development and implementation of an application-aware kernel governor API (Research Internship)
  • Implementation of a CPU governor custom data tracing kernel module (David Hildenbrand, IDP, Feb. 2018)
  • Development of a frame-rate based power management strategy for the internet Browser on Android (Martin Morel, IDP, Feb. 2018)
  • Development of a Linux Governor for Google's Chrome Browser (Tobias Fuchs, Research Internship, September 2017)
  • Optimization of Google Chrome's Blink Scheduler (Dominik Durner, IDP, Feb. 2017)
  • Development and verification of an SoC model based on a heterogeneous multi-processing platform (Jovi Tan Zi Hao, BA Thesis, Dec. 2016)
  • Optimization of Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine (Konstantinos Kousidis, IDP, April 2016)
  • Investigation on the Power Consumption of OpenGL Calls (Subash Thapa, IDP, April 2016)
  • Thread based Workload Prediction, intelligent Task Allocation and dynamic Frequency Scaling of Mobile Games for Power-Performance Management on Heterogeneous MPSoCs (Dominik Füß, Master Thesis, Feb. 2016)
  • Optimierung der Performanz und Zuverlässigkeit einer Zynq-AMP-Echtzeitplattform für ein auf einem Simulink-Modell basierenden Steuerungsmodul (Wissal Ghouil, Master Thesis in coop. with Siemens, Sept. 2015)
  • Evaluation and Comparison of light-weight real-time Operating Systems (Martin Stanzel, Bachelor Thesis, July 2015)
  • Implementation of a FreeRTOS based Pong Game on the STM32F429I Discovery Kit (Yassine Hamza, Ingenieurpraxis, July 2015)
  • GPU Power Management Instrumentation and Analysis for Android Games (Dominik Füß, Research Internship/Forschungspraxis, May 2015)
  • Instrumentation and analysis of Google Chrome's JaveScript engine V8 (Martin Pieck, Internship in coop. with Eindhoven University of Technology and Google, May 2015)
  • Running FreeRTOS on the STM32F429I Discovery Kit (Jonathan Müller-Boruttau, Ingenieurpraxis, Jan. 2015)