Development of an Automated Ball Labyrinth Demonstration System (Bachelorarbeit)


Denis Höltje



This bachelor's thesis project deals with the development of a demonstration system to highlight and demonstrate the stepper motor controller IC DRV8711. For this purpose, a motor-controlled ball maze was conceived to demonstrate the positioning accuracy and running smoothness of a stepper motor drive system with the DRV8711. Therefor the objective of this thesis was to design a control board with two DRV8711 controllers and two motor connections to the labyrinth axes, and to install an appropriate control interface to the user. The first part of the thesis provides an overview of stepper motors, their principle of operation and control requirements. The next section explains the functions of the DRV8711 and discusses the fully integrated stepper motor control, in this context. The main section discusses the hardware concept and reveals the layout considerations. Thereon the software implementation for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller of the Concerto F28M35x is explained, as well as the Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) and the enhanced Pulse Width Modulator (ePWM) Module for the communication and control of the DRV8711. Subsequently the Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) development environment as well as the device specific software libraries of the controlSUITE(TM) are introduced. Finally, smooth acceleration and deceleration ramps of the stepper motor were achieved with the ePWM module and digital presets of the DRV8711, as well as a fine position control.