Serial Cable Replacement via Bluetooth Low Energy (Bachelothesis)


Mathias Gopp


As the title of the Bachelor Thesis says the goal is to replace a Serial
Cable with Bluetooth Low Energy. Also considered is the protocol overhead and the power consumption to keep it at a minimum. Two main solutions are discussed for replacing the Serial Cable. Once with Advertising and on the other side in the connection state, where also different strategies for reduction of the power consumption are introduced. This leads to the results that the Serial Cable replacement with Advertising is only conditionally possible because it is unidirectional and slow. On the other side in the connection state it is possible to replace the Serial Cable because the connection is bidirectional and reaches a maximum speed of 50kbit/s. The lowest protocol overhead is reached with 41, 18% which leads to a protocol efficiency of 58, 82%. In the best case the power consumption is reduced 23, 7%