Design and development of a method to ensure functional safety of proprietary software in motorsport applications (external Masterhesis executed at Porsche AG))


Stefan Lingl


Modern software development in motorsport applications has to face a lot of challenges. In the period of several days, new and bugfixing software has to be developed, tested and integrated in the cars. Though the short amount of time, it must not be neglected, that critical systems, e.g., hybrid hardware are controlled by this software. It is essential to approve the functional safety and reliability of these components. This masters thesis designs a process to test and approve the function according to the specification and the safety of these software parts.
In the beginning the device under test is examined by checking the
interfaces and simple functionality. In a further step, it is integrated in a vehicle-like environment on a test bench. A hardware in the loop simulation generates situations like the ones, the device under test is faced in the real car, beginning with simple I/O tests. The testing is completed by driving virtual maneouvers and stints on a virtual race track, injecting failures. In the end, a certain hardware and software release is approved to work under the given conditiSons and can be used in the real race car.