Energy Consumption Monitor Module For Low-power Embedded Systems (Bachelorthesis )


Onur Ayan

29.10.2013, 10:00, room 4981


The aim of this thesis is to build an energy meter that is attachable to any embedded-device and to examine its energy consumption. For this purpose, a microcontroller is connected to the triple channel power monitor IC INA3221 for collecting and processing voltage and current data of the embedded-device, which is a wireless sensor node in our case. Some error sources of this process are examined, such as the phase shift error, which occurs because of the delay between current and voltage conversions. In addition, we obtain the accuracy of measurements by using a static load and determine the deviation of the results from expected values. Finally, energy consumption data is transmitted over-the-air to a central node, where it is illustrated together with the sensing information. By adding to a sensor node the capability of measuring its own energy consumption, further functionalities become available such as precise battery range estimation or adaptive power-management.