Control of Actuatorless Headlight Systems (Masterthesis)


Johannes Frimberger

24.06.2014, 17:00, room 3945


Modern advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) provided a significant increase in comfort and safety in the last couple of years. Adaptive headlights help to reduce the number of accidents during nighttime by using mechanically movable headlights to increase the road illumination. In the last couple of years more and more LED headlights, already consisting of multiple light sources, are built into vehicles. With some modification they allow a separate control of those single elements. Within this thesis we present a novel controller for this kind of headlights, which allows us to provide the same, and even more, functions as current headlights with mechanical actuators. This controller can be universally adapted to headlights with different numbers of LEDs. On this way multiple vehicle derivatives can be covered using the same controller software. For a future ECU implementation we analyze its memory consumption and its requirements towards the vehicle's communication network. We further introduce und apply image compression techniques to efficiently store complex light distributions. We design and test the controller within the extended adaptive headlights development toolchain and verify it within a specially set up prototype vehicle.  The benefit for possible drivers will be figured out with a user study using this prototype vehicle.