Artifact free recording of auditory evoked potentials on an ARM CortexA8 based platform running Linux (Master/Bachelorthesis )


Alireza Eskandari

08.01.2015, 14:00, room 3945


One of the main challenges in the measurement of auditory evoked potentials is the AC power line interference. Such interference includes the fundamental frequency of 50 Hz and its harmonics. The amplitude of the mains interference is significantly larger compared to the amplitude of the auditory evoked potentials and makes the valid measurement impossible without considering an appropriate filtering approach to attenuate such kind of artifacts.  In the scope of the Thesis, we have investigated the mains interference problem specifically in our measurement system. The influence of different power supply approaches on ABR and AMLR responses have been investigated including DC/DC converter and battery. An ABR recording algorithm is implemented on the measurement system and different filtering approaches have been implemented for removal of the mains interference from two types of auditory evoked potentials i.e. auditory brainstem and middle latency responses. The filtering methods have been investigated and the comparison is done among the introduced methods.