Design and Verification Challenges in Distributed Embedded Control Systems for Automotive applications


Dr. S. Ramesh, Technical Fellow and Lab Group Manager India Science Lab., General Motors R&D


Embedded Control Systems are growing in complexity with the increased use of electronics, and software in high-integrity application for automotive domains. They provide for enhanced safety, automation and comfort. These systems are distributed, fault-tolerant, real-time systems with hybrid (discrete and continuous) behaviour. Furthermore, many of the control functions, such as by-wire controls, have stringent quality and high-integrity requirements. The research community has been addressing these challenges, and over the last few years several design methodologies and tools for developing distributed embedded control systems have emerged. In spite of these, development of these applications remains a daunting task, requiring a great degree of human skill, expertise, time, and effort. It is imperative to invest significant R&D effort in coming up with methods and tools for future embedded control applications.

We believe that future methodologies will involve three key ingredients: comprehensive model-based development, math-based formal frameworks, component-oriented and product-line based development. In this talk we will describe all these aspects in the context of automotive software and discuss some of the recent efforts undertaken in our research lab. This includes a formal methods based timing analysis methodology and an early design space exploration of real-time bounds of Components in Distributed Embedded Systems.


S. Ramesh has more than 20 years of research experience in the areas of high level language design, validation and verification of distributed and reactive systems. In these areas, he has published around 75 research papers in many international journals and conferences. He has been on the programme and review committees of many international conferences and journals. He has participated in a number of industrial sponsored and collaborative R&D projects.

Currently he holds the position of Technical Fellow at the India Science Labs., General Motors R&D, Bangalore, directing high quality research in the area of rigorous methods and tools for embedded software development. Prior to joining GM, he was on the faculty of Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay for more than fifteen years. There he co-founded the Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software IIT Bombay to develop tools and techniques for formal verification of industrial software and hardware systems.

His recent research interests are: Model Based and component-oriented approach to developement of distributed embedded control Software, use of formal methods in the rigorous development of industrial embedded software systems.