Development and Integration of a Wireless Channel Simulator for an SITL Multicopter Simulator (Bachelorthesis)


Lim Yong Jing

18. 12. 2015, 14:00, room 2945


A Multicopter is a rotorcraft with more than two rotors. It can be used for applications such as aerial photography and aerial surveillance. The aim of this thesis is to provide a SITL simulation that eases the development of new control and communication strategies by reducing the time and effort taken to test on the real hardware. In the available simulation framework, the wireless communication between the transmitter and receiver is deal, which is not the case in real scenarios. Therefore it was extended with a self-written MATLAB based channel simulator that is capable of simulating communication channels with limited bandwidth and/or reliability. An evaluation is made to observe the impact of a disturbed communication channel has on the data link quality and available telemetry data. The multicopter simulation and channel simulator serve a great functionality and aid future research and development.