Reichweitenprognose in Batteriefahrzeugen - Klimatisierungsverbrauch (Abschlusskolloquium )


David Zander


Range estimation in battery vehicles - Air conditioning consumption: This student research introduces a method for estimating future power consumption by an air conditioning system. It is designed for the upcoming BMW Megacity Vehicle (MCV), a car designed for urban scenarios using only battery power. The model was realized in MATLAB/Simulink, based on thermal simulations using Dymola. It delivers two main output signals: a constant power, which is used to keep the reached interior target temperature, and an additional energy to reach this level. The calculation is based on customer settings, environmental influences and car-/ac-controller specifics. It is also designed to be reusable for future cars. Additionally the extra energy consumption for cooling the high voltage battery was covered, which has to stay beneath a specific temperature.