Application-specific Power Management on Android

BA Thesis / IDP / Research Internship / MA Thesis

Status: OPEN

Nowadays, smart phones have become an important companion in our daily life. No matter where we go, staying connected is one of our major necessities. Social networking, gaming and web browsing belong to our favorite smart phone activities. Mobiles are replacing desktop computers, so even at home people prefer to use smart phones to browse the web for information what consumes a lot of power. However, the unlimited entertainment we get from our mobile devices is limited by the battery life of the same. One of the main criteria when buying a smart phone or tablet today, is its battery run time, and, hence the amount of entertainment we can get from it.

The research that we perform tackles to prolong the battery life time of your device - mainly on application specific power management such as game and web browser power management. If you are looking for an interesting topic for your thesis, do not hesitate to contact us.