Current Research Topics

Wireless and Mobile Systems (more)

Mobile wireless systems typically run on batteries and are therefore highly energy-constrained. At the RCS, we are developing low-power protocols, techniques an devices to enable mobile applications of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Modular Airborne Real-Time Testbed  (more)

Developing, implementing and verifying novel technologies for resource-constrained and safety-critical real-time systems, carried out in the challenging environment of multicopter platforms.

Methods in audiological diagnostics (more)

Web Browser Power Management  (more)

This research branch focuses on power management strategies for web browser within the Android operating system.

Cyber-Physical Systems / Embedded Control Systems  (more)

Pedestrian Indoor Navigation (more)

Real-Time Scheduling and Virtualization Techniques  (more)

Cross-Layer Dependability in Embedded Systems - From Tasks to Transistors  (more)

Power Management for Interactive Applications (more)

Games account for the class of most popular, but as well most power hungry applications on smartphones and tablet PCs. Our research focuses on reducing the power being consumed by components such as CPU and GPU while games are played on mobile devices.

Automotive Embedded Systems  (more)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (more)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are helping drivers to operate vehicles in a conveniant and safe way. While current systems mostly focus on a warning, some systems in the market are already initiating evasive actions. This trends lead to new challeges in the integration with existing systems and for future developments

Embedded Systems Design for Electric Vehicles (more)

Control/Communication Co-design  (more)

At RCS, we are looking into design and implementation of networked control systems (NCS) while achieving resource efficiency on one hand and ensuring safety and performance on the other.