Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

Current Research Topics

Wireless Sensor Networks (more)

Wireless sensor networks are small embedded devices with limited resources, that sense and transmit data from various sources. Our research is on promising applications especially in the medical or ambient assistant living domain. As battery runtimes are limited, the RCS focuses on low power techniques for WSN.

Methods in audiological diagnostics (more)

Analysis and Design Cyber-physical Systems  (more)

Development of joint design methods for distributed architectures and applications under real-time constraints, to provide a seamless and effective workflow for system architects.

Pedestrian Indoor Navigation (more)

Real-Time Scheduling and Virtualization Techniques  (more)

Cross-Layer Dependability in Embedded Systems - From Tasks to Transistors  (more)

Power Management for Interactive Applications (more)

Sensor Nodes And Energy Aware Signal Analysis (more)

KogniMobil: Cognitive Automobiles  (more)

Automotive Embedded Systems  (more)

Design methods for automotive architectures and software towards more resource efficiency, predictability and flexibility for the future generation of automobiles.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (more)

Embedded Systems Design for Electric Vehicles (more)