Current Research Topics

Medial Devices and Methods in Audiological Diagnostics (more)

The Sound4All project.

Wireless and Mobile Systems (more)

Mobile wireless systems typically run on batteries and are therefore highly energy-constrained. At the RCS, we are developing low-power protocols, techniques an devices to enable mobile applications of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Web Browser Power Management  (more)

This research branch focuses on power management strategies for web browser within the Android operating system.

Cyber-Physical Systems / Embedded Control Systems  (more)

At RCS, we are looking into design and implementation of networked control systems (NCS) while achieving resource efficiency on one hand and ensuring safety and performance on the other.

Real-Time Scheduling and Virtualization Techniques  (more)

Formal Verification and Timing Analysis for Embedded Software (more)

Analysis of high-integrity software, including proof, test case generation and time debugging.

Modular Airborne Real-Time Testbed  (more)

Developing, implementing and verifying novel technologies for resource-constrained and safety-critical real-time systems, carried out in the challenging environment of multicopter platforms.

Networked Heterogeneous Real-Time & Visual Servoing Systems (more)

Design and Analysis of High-Speed Networked Processing Architectures on Heterogeneous Platforms (such as, e.g., Xilinx Zynq) for Visual Servoing and generic Real-Time Applications.

Battery Modeling and Management

SOC Characterization and Estimation, optimizing battery lifespan, smart charging, infrastructure and battery assignment/scheduling for drone delivery businesses.