Advanced Seminar (EI7742)

  • Master EI
  • 5 ECTS
  • English
  • Winter and summer term
  • Number of participants: max. 6


In the advanced seminar, you are going to study some of the recent topics in the fields of real-time and embedded systems. The seminar gives you the opportunity to practice working in a scientific manner. Therefore, you will need to research a given topic, write a paper, present it and write reviews on papers written by your fellow students.

Topics in Summer Term 2018

This summer, the seminar runs under the title "The Future of Real-Time Software". We investigate different aspects of real-time software, and how they have changed in the past years and might develop in the near future.

Fore more details please check the list of topics below.

  1. Evolution of the RTOS - assigned
  2. New Programming Languages and their Promises - assigned
  3. Is Timing Analysis at Risk with Modern Processors? - assigned
  4. Scripting Languages for Embedded Systems - assigned
  5. Growing with the Hardware: Complexity Increase in Embedded Software and its Consequences - assigned
  6. Model-Based Design in Real-Time Systems - available

Important Dates

  • The (mandatory) kick-off meeting will take place on Friday, 2018 April 13 at 13:15 in room 3999
  • The actual seminar event is currently scheduled for Friday, 2018 July 6th at 13:15 in room 3999

Seminar Program/Agenda

The program is available as PDF (click here).


The registration happens via email and personal discussion, not via TUMonline. If you are interested in one of the topics, please contact:

Martin Becker