Advanced Seminar (EI7742)

The contents below are from the past semester. Topics for summer term 2018 are coming soon.

  • Master EI
  • 5 ECTS
  • English
  • Winter and summer term


In the advanced seminar, you are going to study some of the recent topics in the fields of real-time and embedded systems. The seminar gives you the opportunity to practice working in a scientific manner. Therefore, you will need to research a given topic, write a paper, present it and write reviews on papers written by your fellow students.

Topics in winter term 2017/18

In the upcoming winter term, this seminar will cover the ongoing convergence of High-Performance Computing (HPC) architectures and applications with traditional, resource-constrained Embedded and Real-Time Systems.

Fore more details please check the list of topics below.

Important Dates

  • The (mandatory) kick-off meeting took place on Thursday, 26.10.2017, at 13:15 in room 3999
  • The actual seminar event is currently scheduled for Thursday, 01.02.2018, but might still be subject to changes


The seminar covers the following topics:

  • The drift of Applications - From clusters to smartphones: More and more applications formerly only suitable for large distributed architectures can now be executed on modern embedded systems due to their continuously increasing processing power. This topic introduces such applications from domains like, e.g., Physics, Medical and Classification.
  • Libraries and Tools for small and large high-performance systems: This topic explores tools (e.g., Vivado HLS) and libraries (e.g., OpenMPI) for communication and computation on such platforms.
  • Interconnects and Networking: This topic covers the variety of (inter-node) communication systems ranging from Infiniband to IP-based networks.
  • Node Architectures: This topic explores the evolution of individual compute nodes from single-processor to heterogeneous multi-core systems (e.g., big.LITTLE) and their associated (intra-node) interconnects.
  • The evolution of GPUs: This topic explores the evolution of GPUs from gaming devices to GPGPU accelerators in HPC and embedded systems.
  • The role of FPGAs, DSPs and ASICs in HPC and Embedded: This topic examines the role of programmable, special-purpose hardware ranging from CPU accelerator interfaces (e.g., IBM CAPI) to ASICs such as Googles TPU.