Workshop on
Information and Communication Theory in Control Systems

(Organized with support from oCPS - Marie Curie Innovative Training Network on the Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems, and the Faculty Graduate Center of the
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of TUM)


DateMay 22 and 23, 2017 (Monday and Tuesday)
VenueRoom 3999, Chair of Real-Time Computer Systems, Building 9, TUM, Arcisstr. 21, Munich (Directions:
BackgroundProf. Sanjoy Mitter ( from MIT is currently visiting TUM as an August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor. He has done pioneering work at the intersection of information and control theory. To take advantage of his visit and to allow the broader TUM and surrounding academic and student community to interact with him, we are organizing this workshop. With the current interest in cyber-physical systems, the interplay between control theory and communication theory (and systems theory in general) has been attracting a lot of attention. In this context, there are a number of interesting problems, whose solutions need to draw from control theory, and information and communication theory in ways that have not been envisioned before. The goal of this workshop is to discuss some of these developments and possible opportunities. It will be informal in nature and will consist of talks with ample opportunities for discussions. The goal will be to speculate how this area might develop, and identify a couple of important problems at the end of the workshop.
OrganizersSamarjit Chakraborty and Majid Zamani (TUM)
AccommodationThe workshop will be at the city campus of TUM (5 mins walking distance from the Theresienstraße U-Bahn station that is on the U2 line) The Munich Central station or the Hauptbahnhof is 2 stops away from Theresienstraße. There are several hotels near the Hauptbahnhof. In addition, the Hotel Königswache ( is next to TUM. Other hotels within walking distance are: Hotel Antares ( and the Hotel Carlton Astoria (
Target audienceThis workshop is open to all faculty members are students of TUM and also members of the oCPS - Marie Curie Training Network.
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  • M. Botsch: Reference Trajectory Estimation for Vehicle-Control based on Online Machine Learning
  • F. Colonius: On Measure Theoretic Invariance Entropy
  • B.Geiger / A Amjad: Generalized Kullback-Leibler Aggregation of Markov Chains
  • C. Kawan: Practical Realization of Control under Minimal Data Rate Requirements
  • G. Kramer: Communicating over Gaussian Interference Networks with Strong Feedback Links
  • A. Leong: Remote State Estimation in the Presence of an Eavesdropper
  • S. Linsenmayer: On the potential of event-based sampling for control with limited data rate
  • D. Quevedo: Transmission Scheduling for Remote State Estimation and Control with an Energy Harvesting Sensor