Benedikt Dietrich

TU München, RCS
Arcisstraße 21
D-80290 München




  • MPEG-2 De/Encoder Optimization
  • DVFS for Game Applications


Demo: Power Management using Game State Detection on Android Smartphones


Demo: DirectX-based Power Management for Games



Teaching & Administrative duties


  • Supervised theses:
    • Development of a Kernel-based Android Game Tracing Tool
    • Evaluation of smartphone-based indoor localization solutions for the industrial application
    • Development of the Real-time Embedded Systems Lab
    • The Effects of Frame Rate on Players: Development and Evaluation of an Android Framework
    • Development of an Android-based Augmented Reality Interface for the RCS Robots
    • Angular measurement and data fusion for hydraulic excavators
    • Real-Time Programming Framework for the TI C6678 Multicore DSP
    • Multicore Implementation and Evaluation of the Argus Real-Time Control Software
    • Saliency-based Approaches for Automatic Image Segmentation
    • Implementation and Evaluation of a heterogeneous Platform for distributed Power Flow Control
    • Design and Implementation of an Android-based Autoclave Control Software


Benedikt Dietrich has studied Electrical Engineering at the TUM and received his diploma in February 2009. He joined the Institute for Real-Time Computer Systems in August 2009 as a research associate (click here for a CV).

Recent Publications