Development of a Test Setup for Event-dependent and Application-based Signal Generation for Realization of Adaptive Light Functions (Bachelorarbeit)


Stephanie Priale Olivares


The further development of exterior lighting in the automotive industry demands new and more efficient methods of hardware testing. Using MicroAutoBox, a prototyping standalone unit, with MATLAB/Simulink, it has been developed a Test-Setup with the capacity of analyzing and characterizing new lighting technologies. The setup in MicroAutoBox is able to generate electrical signals-like voltage, current, PWM- depending on driving dynamics parameters in order to control lighting technology hardware -such as LED, OLED, Matrix, etc-. This allows a better performance of testing any hardware making a high reduction of testing costs and time. As a result of the thesis, MicroAutoBox is going to be able to replace the LED driver ECU in the exterior lighting, controlling the devices already installed in the vehicle and to also achieve the controlling and testing of the additional lighting hardware.