Flexible distributed automation systems: A software architecture for parallel real-time systems


Dr. Atul Kumar, ABB Corporate Research, India


The advent of multicore CPUs in automation raises some challenges for software engineering. On the one hand, existing hardware should be optimally used. On the other hand, strict real-time requirements must be satisfied by parallel software. At the same time, systems should remain flexible to be able to react quickly to changing system requirements. We propose a component-based architecture and execution environment for modular, dynamic automation systems with multicore CPUs and distributed execution. It simplifies the deterministic distributed execution of applications and offers novel features such as software-based fault tolerance and software updates during runtime as transparent and easy-to-use services for application developers.


Atul Kumar is a Principal Scientist at ABB Corporate Research, India where he leads the Software Architecture group. His research interests are in the areas of Distributed Systems, Object Oriented Systems, Real time systems, Software Engineering, and Internet Technologies. He received his PhD in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur in 2003.