Acceptance and Random Generation of Event Sequences under Real Time Calculus constraints (copy 1)


Kajori Banerjee , Indian Institue of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur

21.03.2014, room 4981


Accepted paper for DATE2014


Simulation platforms for complex networked real time systems require
random input pattern generators for simulating input distributions. They also
require monitors for checking whether the output of the system satisfies the
desired throughput. In this paper we study the acceptance and generation
problems in a setting where the constraints defining the input distributions
as well as the constraints defining the expected output distributions are
specified in real time calculus (RTC). We prove that event patterns satisfying
a given set of RTC constraints can be described by a omega-regular
language. We propose a method for constructing an automaton that can be used
for online generation of random admissible event patterns. This is
significant, considering the known problems of deadlock in less informed
generators for streams satisfying RTC constraints.