Applicability Evaluation of Ethernet-based Communication in Vehicle Dynamics Control (Masterthesis)


Yang Lu

24.09.2014, 10:00, room 3945


The increasing competition among the automobile manufacturers pushes research and development to search new in-vehicle communication system, so that increasingly more applications can be integrated into vehicles. As a result, the number of ECUs increases in a fast way and more data are transmitted through the in-vehicle communication system. Furthermore, current bus systems widely used in automotive like CAN, FlexRay and MOST are gradully reaching their performance limits. Accordingly, Ethernet has emerged as a candidate of next-generation of in-vehicle communication network, because of its higher bandwidth, flexibility and lower cost. In this thesis automotive simulation model will be firstly anaylzed and a simulated Ethernet model will be then constructed. Finally, the applicability of Ethernet in the Powertrain and Chassis domain will be explored with analysis of data amount and timing requirements in the vehicle dynamics control system.