Simulation-based Evaluation of AVB and TSN Ethernet (Masterthesis)


Yaqi Xu

16.02.2015, 14:00, room 3945


Ethernet protocols have undergone a continuous evolution since its introduction and have shown considerable potential in applications in safety-critical embedded systems in the domain of automotive, avionics and industrial automation. Two of the most promising candidates for this type of applications are the AVB (Audio-Video-Bridging) standards published in 2011 and the TSN (Time-Sensitive-Networking) still in development. However, unlike conventional bus systems, where exhaustive experience in design, analysis and testing has been accumulated, the recent and upcoming Ethernet protocols still remained largely unexplored. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of AVB and TSN Ethernet with network simulation and compare it to that of conventional switched Ethernet network. In this thesis, existing simulation models in OMNeT++ framework are utilized and extended with some new mechanisms in TSN. Then the performance comparison is conducted with an industrial-sized case study setup.