Resource analysis of automotive communication networks using the example FlexRay (Masterthesis)


Christoph Hennig

30.07.2015, 16:00, room 3854


This thesis describes the development of an analysis method for FlexRay bus resources and real time properties. The goal of the method is to extract relevant FlexRay parameters by using a structured process and evaluate the parameters with tool based timing analysis. In the first part of the proposed process, FlexRay parameters are defined and categorized to evaluate the relevance for the automotive analysis application. The categorization considers use cases, features and analytical methods to derive the abstraction levels and relevance for the timing analysis. Relevant parameters are investigated with tool based analysis and the presentability is evaluated for distinguished parameters. The discussion of the analysis results verifies the expectations from theoretical approaches and shows the available visualizations of the tools. To apply the developed method for a high level parameter and actual use case, a method to evaluate scheduling options for a new FlexRay frame is proposed. The method includes algorithms and timing simulations to support the timing expert in finding optimized slots regarding the future extensibility of the schedule. In conclusion, the presented method enables the integration of the timing analysis of FlexRay parameters into the BMW tool chain and provides a comprehensive analysis method for automotive communication networks.