Design of a capacity fading experiment (Masterthesis)


Li Linjiao

16.06.2016, 16:00,  room 3945


This thesis proposes an experiment of measuring battery capacity in smartphones. Existing researches on electric vehicles (EVs) build models mainly by fitting with data of batteries used in EVs or getting data under lab conditions. To achieve the long term goal of modeling and evaluate the aging of smartphone batteries, researches have been conducted in this work. First, as both EVs and smartphones use Lithium-ion batteries, evaluating the impact of battery parameters such as current rate, state of charge (SOC) and temperature from EVs provides a reference for studying battery aging for smartphones. Second, a series of experiments have been conducted in the lab to measure the capacity of a smartphone battery under different charging and discharging profiles. Third, discussion and evaluation of the set-ups for experimental long-term measurement gives benefits for future research and experiment. The results show that SOC swing, average SOC and temperature have impacts on the capacity of a battery. On the other hand, as the current can not be univer- sally logged on smartphones, it is suggested that NI instrument or data logger to be used in experiments with the advantages of accuracy and operability.