Evaluation of Extensibility and Control Performance in FlexRay Network (Masterarbeit)


Swaroop Nunna Venkata


Concepts of control theory and real-time systems are gradually getting intertwined as control applications are increasingly scheduled over networked system of ECUs connected by a buses. In this context, evaluating control performance and evaluating system resources are still being treated as two individual topics. Through our current work, we attempt to bridge this gap and evaluate control performance and extensibility from a co-design perspective. Towards this, we concretize the notions of extensibility for the ECUs and the bus. In particular, we constructively build three approaches for measuring the extensibility of an ECU under a time-triggered and non-preemptive task model. We then study the variations in control performance and component extensibilities by scheduling a new control application on an existing system of ECUs interconnected by a FlexRay based bus. Our experimental results indicate that for a given period of control application one can