Agent-Based Demand Side Management System Including a Mobile Application for User Interaction (Masterthesis)


David Seegerer

15.03.2017, 15:00, room 3945


This thesis addresses the software of an electrical load management system and the role of the human operator in industry 4.0. Active demand side management is used to avoid high peaks in the electrical consumption of a factory. The proposed multi-agent system is implemented in JAVA using JADE and consists of four dierent types of agents. Each electrical consumer is represented by its digital con- sumer agent. Each consumer agent is able to adapt its proposed electrical consumption according to predened degrees of freedom. The coordinator agent is developed as a manager for the communication and the database agent is in charge of the database. The user interface agent is developed to allow human interaction with the system. In case of a collision of one consumer agent's goal (e.g. a task deadline) with the overall system's goal (e.g. a predened sum peak power) the operator needs to make a decision. This decision constitutes an exception and therefore the human decision is better suited than a calculation. The operator's interference works via an android application. Test results with a hardware setup demonstrated that this system is able to generate economically reasonable savings of 20% of the overall peak power compared to the unco ordinated task execution without quality restrictions for the test scenario.