Evaluation and Modelling of Battery Thermal Behaviour at low Temperature (Bachelorthesis)


Jakob Fittler

28.03.2017, 14:00, room, 3945


The climate change increases environmental awareness and encourages to use eco-friendly techniques, e.g., electric cars. However, even though the upcoming market for electric cars is subsidised, it still faces many problems like, e.g., production of sustainable energy, cost or driving range. However, to effectively deal with the topic of increasing driving range at low temperature, it is necessary to gain general knowledge about batteries first. This thesis therefore develops an approach to model battery thermal behaviour at low temperature by using an analytical approach by fitting experimental data to a polynomial model. This is achieved by designing an experimental set-up in order to gain data from discharging two lithium polymer pouch cell batteries of 3.7V and 7.4V and 1000mAh each. Afterwards, the model is developed with the gathered data and validated against gathered test data. The final result is, that the model for the batteries deliver accurate results at an ambient temper- ature of 7 ◦ C up to 25 ◦ C and a discharge rate of 0.2C up to 4C . The average mean squared error is for the developed models are below 0.43 ◦ C .