Formal Verification and Timing Analysis of Embedded Software

We are working on the analysis of high-integrity software, that is, software that typically runs on an embedded system, and has to perform flawlessly and robustly under any possible condition. We are both concerned with correct functionality, and correct timing properties. Our activities further entail the development of such software.

Functional Proofs

  • Applied Deductive Verification
  • Applied Model Checking
  • Test case generation

Timing Analysis

  • Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis for selected targets
  • Schedulability Analysis
  • Timing Debugging

Programming Models & Languages

  • Scheduled Languages: C(++), Ada/SPARK, Rust
  • Synchronous languages: Esterel, Lustre
  • Model-based: Simulink, SCADE

Application Domains


While our approaches are not specific to any application domain, we are mainly active in the area Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs), and accompanying ground support systems. We also developed a weather balloon that returns to its takeoff location.


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